Allspice – Take Me To The Islands

In gathering ingredients for a recipe this morning, I grabbed the ground allspice only to find I had not even opened it yet. As I peeled the foil seal from the top of the container the concentrated release of spicy air wafted right up my nose and took me… to the the islands.

I love cooking with allspice in bakery and desserts as I am today… but most favorite and what immediately comes to mind when I smell it is jerk chicken.

(excuse me while I wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth.)

Allspice comes from Central and South America and is part of Middle Eastern and Latin meals. However, its big in the West Indies island of Jamaica. So, my brain jumping to the smell of allspice wood burning in a fire outside a little Jamaican hut is a realistic association.

An internet search provided a great suggestion to add some whole allspice berries (or corns) to your peppercorn grinder (mix in equal ratio of green/black/red/or white and allspice corns). Then.. that pepper grinder can add a little something different to pizza, eggs… you name it.

That sounds terrific! I’ll have to give it a try… and also try to roast the dried berries in the oven for a few minutes to release the oils and then add to the grinder. No doubt the house will smell great from that!

(Credit for use tips: Allspice article found here.)

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One thought on “Allspice – Take Me To The Islands

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